Questions to Ask Yourself When You’ve Decided to Downsize

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Downsizing is not always easy, but with a plan composed of small goals, and a schedule for achieving each goal, it is certainly manageable. Start with some basic questions that everyone who is planning to downsize needs to ask themselves.

It is really amazing how much we accumulate in the course of our lives and how difficult it is to decide what we really need. A few key questions may help you make the best choices:

  • How little can I get by with, and still be comfortable, at my new place?
  • Which of the items I own now are really important to me?
  • Is an item beautiful, useful, or loved, or am I just keeping it out of habit?
  • Will it still be useful or functional in my new home?
  • Can this item or piece of furniture save space by serving two functions?
  • Is it durable, well-made, and built to last?
  • Is this piece of furniture comfortable?
  • Is it easy to care for, or does it require special attention?
  • Is it appropriate for my physical condition or stage of life?
  • Will it fit in my new space?

Once you answer these questions honestly, you will be ready to decide the next step for each item—donate, pass onto family, or disposal. Keep in mind that it may take you some time to come to a final decision on certain pieces, and that is fine. Just keep moving forward and making progress and you’ll find that you have time to revisit those items when you are ready.

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