Times of Transition

Even happy and planned changes can cause stress and anxiety. Life changes due to unplanned events can be very difficult for everyone involved.

It is often during crisis situations that we are forced to make the most difficult decisions. Emotions are running high, and the time to make decisions and take action may be limited. We understand the challenges you are facing. We are patient, caring, and resourceful and can help during times of transition, when you may need to:

  • help an older relative downsize and adapt to a new space;
  • repurpose a space to accommodate a new family member or a change in health or mobility;
  • organize a son or daughter’s move to college or university;
  • manage a job change or loss of employment;
  • welcome a new baby;
  • arrange a move after a new marriage, divorce, or during a time of bereavement.

We treat all our clients with compassion and respect, and strive to make times of transition easier for everyone involved.

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