Our house sold in just three days and for more money than we were asking. I’m sure it was because it showed so well. Thank you for staging it for us.
M. W.

Thank you so much. We would never have thought to arrange things as you did. Our house looked so much better after you staged it. We should have arranged for you to come before we started showing our house.
D. C.

You made our home look fantastic! We will have you prepare our new house when we move. Thank you for great service.
J. H.

Your service is excellent. It really works and is certainly worth it. Thanks again.
H. S.

Staging our home resulted in a very speedy and most satisfactory sale!
A. S.

Your staging our home showed it at its full potential. We would recommend staging to anyone interested in selling their property quickly.
J. M.

Thank you for your insight. We listed the house on Saturday and sold it on Sunday. It went well and my clients are very happy.
Real Estate Agent


From embarrassed and overwhelmed to thrilled and amazed. My home looks great. Thank you!!
K. N.

I cannot believe how much better I feel with all the mess and clutter gone. Thank you for your patience and support. You made it easy, and I never felt “judged”.
T. P.

You really helped me to make good decisions and purge the unnecessary stuff from my basement. We are now enjoying the space as a real family room instead of avoiding the “junk room”. Thank you.
J. B.

Now that my house is organized, I don’t feel so anxious all the time. I’m more relaxed and able to enjoy spending more time with my family and friends. I love having people over.
H. M.


Thanks so much for everything, Michelle. We could not have done this (sold the contents of the house) ourselves. Everything was dealt with so quickly and we didn’t have any worries.

I didn’t know how we were going to manage selling all our furnishings. Thank you very much for handling it all for us. It was so easy for us.

We are so pleased with the sale of the contents of our house. It was totally stress free and everything was sold! Thank you! We are so grateful for your service.

I will definitely refer you to anyone in the Oshawa area that may need your services! Having you look after selling the contents of my parents’ house was a huge relief.

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